i'll be a story in your head, but that's okay, because we're all stories in the end. just make it a good one- because it was, you know. it was the best.
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"What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet."

(via laudasaur)

"Too many young women I think are harder on themselves than circumstances warrant. They are too often selling themselves short. They too often take criticism personally instead of seriously. You should take criticism seriously because you might learn something, but you can’t let it crush you. You have to be resilient enough to keep moving forward, whatever the personal setbacks and even insults that come your way might be. That takes a sense of humor about yourself and others. Believe me, this is hard-won advice I’m putting forth. It’s not like you wake up and understand this. It’s a process."

5 Seconds of Summer - SiriusXM Studio, April 22, 2014 


i accidentally spilled monster energy drink in my fish bowl and now my goldfish won’t stop saying “bro” and keeps flexing it’s fins


Michael and Calum at the Best Buy Theatre in New York, 22.04.14


Emma Stone calls out Andrew Garfield’s casual sexism in the most perfect way. See the full conversation here. 

(Source: Andrew Garfield Daily)

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