i'll be a story in your head, but that's okay, because we're all stories in the end. just make it a good one- because it was, you know. it was the best.

hi i dont really know who to tell so im telling everyone on my dash, there's a girl i follow that is so gorgeous and beautiful and amazing and lovely but she's super depressed and wants to kill herself and she's been mentioning 'ending it' and I dont know what to do or what to say so i thought i'd ask some other people i follow, she's xthex1975 please send some wonderful things her way <3



it’s 2014 and people still hate gale hawthorne. please love yourselves. 



@Michael5SOS: Oh yeah and my hairs purple btw”

There’s a part of my heart that you’ll never change
There’s a dream so alive, it’s an endless flame
And you can’t keep us down, ‘cause we’ll always come back again
For the highs and the lows, for the rise and falls
And the times that you thought you gave it your all
For the night and a dream and those moments you’ll never get back again
'Cause the world is at our feet



@ me next time. @ me all the time. I’m lonely

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